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Tools I Use In Business

Below is a list of the most popular FREE, BUDGET & PROFESSIONAL tools & services used by successful entrepreneurs & marketers online.

When you get started building a business online or even marketing your offline business, you need to start at the beginning … with a website you host & therefore have full control over.


BlueHost – I recommend this hosting for starting out & hosting your WordPress sites.  They have an amazingly simple service to create your first website.

When you use this link you’ll go directly to a special landing page where you’ll find a discount for your WordPress hosting and it’s all designed to make your website building a simple step process.  You’ll have a live website in under 15 minutes! (providing your domain name has propagated)

~Storm On Demand (Liquid Web)  – To upgrade to a bigger host when your traffic increases (people visiting your site) or if you plan a busy launch with lots of traffic hitting your site, you will need to host your Sales pages on a solid platform with more flexibility.

I recommend Storm on Demand for hosting your launch pages & Liquid Web (their parent company) have excellent hosting for your websites.

Amazon S3 – for hosting your website images, sales pages &/or your sales page images, downloads etc.  This service is inexpensive and widely used.

Cloud flare – free service that helps speed up your pages & increases your security.

To Build High Converting Blogs/Website

I recommend you use WordPress which is a free content management system that’s designed to host your blogs.  You can turn your site into a professional website with a blog when you use a Theme.  Themes are what we use to add a design element aswell as additional functionality that the basic WordPress themes don’t offer.

Thrive Themes – this blog is built on Thrive.  The team are working solidly to add every conceivable element to boost your website conversions.


LastPass – I highly recommend this service to record securely all your passwords.  Plus they’ll even suggest strong passwords for you.

The only password you’ll need to remember is the one that logs you into LastPass.  Keep that one in your head and you can access every site/membership/ service you use online from literally any computer anywhere in the world!

Team Management

Trello – fab, free resource that makes managing and planning your projects a breeze!  Here’s a fab comprehensive review from Lewis.

Google Calendars – you can share these with your team for updates, planning & scheduling your upcoming launch sequence.

File Sharing

Dropbox – this is a free account to host files & folders you want to share with others or access yourself anywhere online.

Google Drive – you can create mindmaps, spreadsheets, documents all for free!

Amazon S3 – this is one of the cheapest ways to secure your downloads that you want to share just a link for access to your prospects & clients.


Canva – an awesome free tool to up your design skills!

Fivver – you’ll find tons of budget designs and designers here to help you get started.


Upwork – sign up here to hire help to do anything from build software you’ve designed, to managing support, creating designs, building websites and more!

Support Desk

Freshdesk – this is a free application that you can upgrade to add new users/staff anytime!  Host professional support.

Membership Sites

To host your all important digital products or tutorials & resources for your clients, you’ll want to build a secure professional looking membership site.  These tools I’ve used on many occasions to create the best designed & easy to navigate sites.

Thrive Themes – this blog is build on Thrive.  The team are working solidly to add every conceivable element to boost your website conversions.  I also created Prospect Honey’s sales page using this theme!

Membership Cart & Affiliate Site Creator

~ Thrive Cart – is a fab new software product that allows you to set up attractive conversion focused carts PLUS create your own Affiliate Platform to encourage your members to share your products.

Membership Plugin

The membership site comes first, then you’ll need to secure your site with a membership plugin.  Many also connect your email autoresponder plus hook up with your payment processor or affiliate platform.

~ Memberium– this is hand downs the best membership plugin around and I’ve tested many of the ones considered the best.

The plugin is amazing, their support is above and beyond and their training is added to weekly.

Recording Video

(you can record your screen or face to camera)

Camtasia (for Mac & PC)

Screenflow (for Mac)

Email Marketing

Every online entrepreneur & marketer knows the value of building an email list.  In fact they’d all pretty much say it’s their Number One ASSET in their business.  

Get started building your email list day one of launching your online business.  Whether you opt for Vlogging, Blogging, Podcasting or image platforms, you need an autoresponder & a place to capture your leads.

Mail Chimp – has a free service to get you started.

~ Active Campaign – great email marketing service that enables you to collect lead emails, stage autoresponder sequences & broadcasts.  They fit beautifully with Memberium AND Thrive Themes for a COMPLETE customer experience in building your professional Membership Sites.


I’ll keep adding to this page every time I find a great new tool that’s working well for me.  Some of the above are affiliate links and some are not.  If you choose to use the affiliate link – I thankyou in advance 🙂