Life Coaching Online: Skype & Zoom ~ Leah Butler-Smith

Life Coaching Online: Skype & Zoom

life coaching online skype

Life Coaching Online with Skype sessions are now common practice among Coaches and Mentors, allowing for greater freedom of booking sessions and meeting clients at times that suit both.

Telephone Coaching and even Email Coaching have been popular in the past but Skype video calling allows for the Coach and client to communicate on a more effective level.

Seeing body language, a large and important part of our communication, has increased the rapport between client and coach and improved the sessions.

Life Coaching With Skype Is Free To Use

You can schedule your sessions from anywhere in the world where you have connectivity and it's completely FREE!

[We now use Zoom primarily to connect.  It's far more reliable connection wise and clients prefer this app.  You'll be sent links to join our private meeting automatically in your Scheduler reminders.  Click here to learn more:  Online Consultations & Private Sessions over Zoom]

Download the app to your Mac or PC or use the new Online Version.  Whatever your preference, it's a good idea to choose a version that you can use 'wired' to your broadband connection.  Relying on wifi for a session is not always as good an idea as we might like.

Head over to and choose your option.  I recommend you begin with a username that is easy to remember and something that you can share with your family and friends.

Preparing For Your Live Life Coaching Online Session

Your Coach will already have connected with you via email or a call if you're in the UK.  Your email will include your appointment time and date and recommendations for ensuring your session is uninterrupted are as follows:

  • Test your connection with a friend or family member prior to your session
  • Ensure all distractions are removed such as telephones, tv, radio etc
  • Make sure all family, friends & co-workers are aware that you are not to be disturbed for the scheduled session
  • Close all unnecessary apps on your computer eg Browsers, apps, Email client etc
  • Check the room lighting, your seat is comfortable, you have a glass of water etc
  • Check your screen camera positioning and set so that your upper body including hands are easily viewed (if you don't have a camera attached to your PC or you want an upgrade for your mac, look out for one online - there are many to choose from depending on your needs and budget.  HD means high definition and better quality.)