Hi there!  I'm Leah.

In short: I have an inquisitive entrepreneurial Mind filled with a strong & somewhat passionate desire to understand what makes us all tick.
Not just for the heck of it - but to then discover the best programs, techniques, treatments and lifestyle changes to fully Enhance Life and then share it all with you!


There's a few more things you might want to learn about me ~ especially as you've taken the time to drop by...

Right now my focus is in working with clients who have a powerful desire to enhance their lives and who choose modern theraputic tools & techniques to achieve that.

The rest of my time I focus on my life enhancing project - Enhanced Life Academy & it's accompanying show.  My BIG VISION is to help bring the tools & resources to everyone who desires positive change - and make that easy, affordable and above all - SUCCESSFUL! 

Enhanced Life ~ What's that about?

We all want the Best Life; the most successful, healthy, most rewarding life.
Some of us think we're heading towards living that but when we find something missing or things are holding us back ... We need a space and a place to work on ourselves, refuel with positives and reboot.

Not everyone is made equal

For over 30 years I've studied people and been intrigued by what drives behaviour. Since I opened my first practice over 20 years ago, I've observed how people think, why they do the things they do and what stops them from doing or being more.  My goal is to assist clients in achieving their greatest desires whilst shedding past traumas or negative beliefs & installing positives.

Different people ~ different methods

I'm not someone whose stuck on one therapy, technique or 'school of thought'.  I have learned that some techniques work best with one person where someone else requires a completely different tack.  I believe the best therapists in the world share this ideal.  I continue to research proven techniques & add Neuroscience to my list of current study.

Many techniques translate well to digital 

I quickly discovered from my own personal therapy and ongoing personal development, that many techniques work brilliantly through the digital medium.
My goal then became the study of how to translate what I'd learned is most effective, into practical digital coaching and resources. These include; Meditation, Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Tapping & NLP.

Everyone deserves the Opportunity to Enhance Life

I started my life in a humble home, with hard working parents & in life we experienced many challenges.  I was fortunate to change my life & mindset completely & I now have a passion to ensure that the opportunities to increase Confidence, Success, Improved Happiness and Wellbeing - is open to everyone, regardless of their upbringing & status.

To drive a car you first learn how.  You study the gears, accelerator, you learn the fuel needed and the safest way to manoeuvre.  We now have the opportunity to do the same for our mind & lives.


Time spent with the teams at Great Ormond Street's Psychological Medicine unit in London, lead to my curiosity and passionate desire to learn more about the unconscious mind.

The realisation that what we 'think' we're doing is governed by another part of our mind, hidden from our conscious awareness and largely controlled by our historical experiences & learnings - exploded a fascination and strong desire to know more.

- Especially when I realised it isn't always on your side ...even when it thinks it is!

Leah Butler-Smith Entrepreneurial Therapist


My early corporate experiences (mostly in Accountancywere interrupted by my inner entrepreneur when I discovered I was pregnant with my second child.

I knew at that time, working for someone else was not going to enable me to fully support and care for my growing family.  I had to think of a way to work for myself, around my toddler and to suit my family needs.

The experience taught me to look outside the 'box' when it came to how we live our lives and how we earn our living to do so.
This early business then gave me the confidence to start my own Practice after I'd completed my initial training in the late 90s in; Psychotherapy, Counselling, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, NLP & so much more!

What Others Say


Leah's ability to coach is awesome, her insight is amazing and her passion is honestly - catching!

Paula A.

NLP Practitioner & Life Coach 


Leah Butler-Smith.  Without your help and coping strategies I would still be in a dark place.  So Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.  

Karl E.
Happy Ex Drinker 


My time with LBS has been a journey of self-discovery, leaving me with the tools to move forward.  What she has taught me has had a huge positive impact on my life.

Mrs F. 
Previously a Fertility Challenged Mother of Twins!

Non Stop Studying & Testing ~ There's Always More To Learn!

My studies have never really stopped.  I'm keen to discover new techniques, new therapies and I keep my ear to the ground on all groundbreaking discoveries of Mind & Body.  Here's a few more snippets about my training & experiences ~ click on whatever interests you ...

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Enhanced Life with Leah Butler-Smith

Life Is ...
Easily ​Enhanced

...when you know how!
Life doesn't have to be the challenge we sometimes believe it to be.  It isn't essential to 'struggle through', or 'fight the good fight'.
It's possible with the right knowledge and tools to enhance life and model it so that it looks, feels and is the way you desire it to be.

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