Hey you

– thanks for dropping in the about page for my practice, programs and well … basically I guess you might presume that it’s all about me.

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Whilst I’d love that to be true 😉


It’s actually all about YOU 

If I could take a quick guess at why you’ve landed here on this page –

… I’d say right now you’re probably rather ‘curious‘?

It’s natural that you’d want to know more about my training and experience before entrusting me with your most valuable possession – your mind!

Many of the visitors to my website have been sent a link by a friend or family member, or have seen the content I share on social media.

If you’re not yet familiar with my background, I’d hazard a wee guess that you’ll want some reassurances.

You’ll want to know that I have ‘real’ qualifications and ‘actual‘ experience to back up why I say what I do and why I have the testimonials my clients create for you.

One of my clients once said

“you have a very particular set of skills Leah, and you’re not afraid to use them”

(… you may note the less than subtle reference to the dramatic film ‘Taken’ with the delicious Liam Neeson playing the coolest parent on the planet.)

The metaphor my client used soon expanded to this:

“If you have a Phobia, Anxiety, Fear or Limiting Belief that’s currently holding you back from achieving your goals or living life on your terms, we’ll track them down, crush them and set you FREE!”

Wondering How I Can Help You?

In the years of practice I’ve discovered what attracts people to my kind of experience and skills.

I am going to guess a few things about you and I hope that at least one or more will be true for you;

  • You want something different.
  • You desire more.
  • You have something in your mind that you feel doesn’t belong there.
  • It’s time…
  • You believe that change is possible and you deserve to feel more you.
  • The people you love want more for you.
  • Your business, finances, relationships or life is suffering from what’s ailing you.
  • You have some nifty goals but are stuck.
  • You already know that it’s possible to change.
  • You are aware of someone whose life has improved as a result of my approach or at least has benefited from coaching or therapy with someone who uses the same.
  • You’ve gotten to know something about me and my positive beliefs from my social media channels.
  • You feel confident that my skills are the right skills to achieve rapid and effective change.

If you agreed with two or more of the above statements – then you’re definitely in the right place.

Why People Choose Me?

From the many people (literally thousands now) I’ve had the privilege to work with over many years, I have been told many things about what first attracted them to me.

Let’s face it, your most prized possession has got to be your mind as it kinda runs everything else in your life.

But you know…

– people from every walk of life, at every level of success, doing all sorts of jobs or careers; sometimes overwhelmed, anxious, traumatised, depressed or just plain stuck.

Some people literally find themselves falling apart and have no clue why that’s happening.

Other’s just KNOW that there’s more to unlock either physically, mentally, creatively, financially or spiritually.

Why Enhanced Life?

I believe that everyone deserves to enhance their lives.

I know that when you do, all the people that love and care for you will also reap the rewards of your generous desire for change.

When you make positive changes, you impact all those people closest to you AND get to enjoy the ripple effect that goes far beyond your inner circle.

I named the programs and the academy after the desire that I have to help you elicit a more fulfilling life, enhanced in every way.

I have a strong belief in human beings capacity for greatness which is why my free facebook community is named that way.

What constitutes greatness is a highly individual choice – yet when you make that choice, it naturally impacts on the world.

The more confidence and joy you bring into your own life, the more creative you are, the more wealthy you become – the more powerful the positive energy on our glorious planet.

/enough woo 😉

If you’d like to dig into each of the Skills and experiences I’ve accumulated, that form part of my strategy for helping people like yourself to improve and develop the life you desire – the links below will take you to further information.

About Enhanced Life Programs

Here’s a few bullet points to highlight what I’ve been up to for over 20 years.

  • I'm an NLP Trainer as having already mastered the Master Practitioner and basic levels - this was the natural progression.
  • I first qualified in Clinical Hypnotherapy in the late 90's and have been using this skill in much of my work.
  • I added TFT - a meridian therapy along with EFT and then Faster EFT to enhance the speed of recovery and transformation.
  • I study Neuroscience to aid my skills and knowledge and participate with other medical and health practitioners in sharing findings.
  • I am a trained Natural Childbirth practitioner where we incorporate a variety of Hypnosis and mindset change to enhance birth and reduce medical intervention as much as possible.
  • Many top specialists in the field of Neurology, Psychology, Psychiatry, Fertility, Oncology etc have referred their patients for treatment.
  • I was one of the first ever to be awarded the title of Senior Hypnotherapist by the governing body in the UK.  Awarded for experience and skill rather than training.
  • I have run a non profit charity focused on the study and improvement of family and youth communications.
  • I have taken numerous courses in behaviour change, stress management, inner child healing, energy healing and more...
  • You'll see me incorporating modern proven techniques such as Havening, EMDR, TAT and Energy Medicine practices.
  •  I study the research and science that positively supports Mindfulness and Meditation to keep your mind, brain and body in good stead.

So that's a little snippet of what's what in my practice.

You can check out the ever growing testimonials on this site if you'd like to hear from other's who've experienced those 'set of skills' or you can go directly to the Consultation page and book your first session or schedule a 'ask me anything' consult for free.