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Leah Butler-Smith is the Founder of the Enhanced Life Academy.  The first of it's kind and seen as the 'Spotify of Personal Development'.  Leah is also the lead practitioner & senior coach at Enhanced Life Practice.  With over 20 years experience working with clients including many celebrities both online & on screen, her busy Harley Street and Online Practice attracts clients from all walks of life & business.

Leah Butler-Smith
Advanced Hypnoanalysis

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I have always had a nagging feeling in the back of my head that I was incapable in some way. it was very very deep down, subconscious, primal even.  [... ] It has had a huge impact on my thoughts and held me back.  Well today Leah Butler-Smith has helped me identify and work through it.  [...] it feels like a rush of 'I can' energy.  I can't speak highly enough about what Leah does.  And implore anyone who feels stuck or held back in any way to get in touch with her.

Mark G

Teacher & Coach

From Amy's website (Amy Fast Forward) where she shares her 'best of' and includes moi in a list of names that I'm uber proud to be mentioned with.

This is her list of Awesome People that I'm listed in.

Amy testimonial

Amy ~ Fast Forward Amy

Entrepreneur, Blogger

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